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KSR 2012 Enduro Series

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KSR 2012 Enduro Series

Post by Riftcreator on Sun Jul 15, 2012 5:59 pm

This year we start again with a shorter mini-enduro event, before two 2.4 hour races. Schedule is:

Tues 17th July, testing night, Brianza (Monza) and Le Mans
Tues 24th July 1.2 hr Brianza (Monza) (normal points) day
Tues 31st July 2.4 hr Le Mans VLM 1991-96 (double points) day -> night -> day
Tues 7th Aug 2.4 hr Spa (double points) day -> evening

Thanks to Riven and InSPire there are local downloads for the mod, and some of the tracks.


Brianza (Monza) is a default rF track
Virtua LM Le Mans 1991-96 version:
Spa (same version as used in Enduracers league):

Server settings: fuel x 2, tyres x 2, damage TBC but likely 70%, no yellow flags, aids off (auto clutch availiable), standing starts

Class choice is open, but regular KSR top 10 finishers are encouraged to use LMP1 and regular KSR bottom 10 finishers are encouraged to use GT1. You can swap between classes if necessary, but can only use 1 car per class. We are using standard skins, preferably 1 driver per skin so please post skin choices below.

Enduro newbies welcome! In race threads I will make some comments about pit stops, headlight settings etc. For now just try the available cars, and pick one you think you can drive consistently for an hour or two.

Other rules / driver etiquette - the usual KSR stuff (see bottom of 1st post here: These are enduro races, so should be no reason for T1 accidents. You shouldn't be trying to make up more than 1 or 2 spots on the run down to T1. Early race accidents and any protests will be reviewed, reckless driving will probably be rewarded with a stop N go penalty in the following race (or some penalty in 1st race in the next NZrFL league). If you cause an accident, you don't need to wait for the other driver(s) to recover, but it is recommended.

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Re: KSR 2012 Enduro Series

Post by Riftcreator on Wed Jul 25, 2012 9:05 am

The start of the Enduro series has been pushed back a week due to late intrest and to allow time for testing.
The first race at Brianza (Monza) will now be Tuesday the 31st of July (Next Tuesday)

KSR would like to invite the JFF community to come racing with us.

Any questions, or if you require some help flick me a pm Very Happy

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Re: KSR 2012 Enduro Series

Post by Riftcreator on Wed Jul 25, 2012 9:07 am

Great to see Gazza running last night for some practice in a GT1 Lambo.

Be some great practice for the JFF GT1 league!

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Re: KSR 2012 Enduro Series

Post by Riftcreator on Tue Jul 31, 2012 1:12 pm

First race tonight.

Qual is from 8pm NZT and runs for 30mins.

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Re: KSR 2012 Enduro Series

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